UPDATE: This property was just sold in record time! If you are looking for a similar product, let us know! We can help finding it.


Cottages are all the craze in Montréal!

We met with Sophie Le Guerrier in Vieux-Rosemont, where she’s been busy with a special project. This former duplex was completely renovated into a 4 bedroom and 2 bathroom cottage. It’s unusual to find a splendid single-family home like this in this area. Moreover, the cottage is close to the Masson Street, schools, parks and many services.


“I’ve worked closely with the owner-developer and advised him during the whole process, in order to create a unique product for the area. Cottages are well in demand and single family homes are rare to find” explains Sophie.

5169_gorini 2

Spacious and well designed, the steel staircase with massive natural wood stairs particularly let delicate light pour in. High ceiling and original reclaimed wood beams add a lot of cachet to the place and mix the old with the new. Also note : a open concept living and dining area.


DSCF4489 copie 5181_gorini


From the bedroom balcony, you can reign over your piece of turf. This spacious yard with a large patio also extends to a parking and alley access. Aluminum exteriors provide a modern and slick look while being one of the most durable material. The courtyard is accessible by the back alley with parking.

5196_gorini 5191_gorini

“I learned a lot during the whole process and it feels great to know the product is solid and well tailored before putting it on the market” tells us Sophie

And we believe it shouldn’t stay on the market very long! Thank you Sophie for the visit and readers, please contact her for more details about this listing.



Vanida Nhouyvanisvong
Editorial Intern

Vanida is a Parisian student majoring in management and marketing from Nanterre University. She is passionate about art, indie rock music, and vintage design and decoration. She enjoys recycling old materials and gives them a second life. She also enjoys to discover and explore beautiful landscapes. She will contribute to develop editorial relationships and social media engagements with the Paris influencers.