Developer ELAD Canada invited a cool bunch of bloggers for a guided tour of Le Nordelec project in Pointe Saint-Charles / Griffintown. It was the perfect occasion to bring along Alex, the new intern for his first TOWER TRIP. You’ll notice a little bit later in the pictures that we managed to sneak into some exclusive penthouse. Note that since it’s against our editorial policy to accept any kind of bribe to feature a project, we’d simply like to thank our host for the sandwiches and the interesting stories. Here’s a great picture from Vincent Brillant at Montrealismes.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 12.11.42 PM

Le Nordelec got its name from The Northern Electric & Manufacturing Company (historical pictures) who used to operate in the building. It is the biggest brick building in North America. This place is huge. It is now home to more than 200 small businesses, like UBER for instance. All in all, 2000 employees swim inside this giant whale every day, making this place feel electric and vibrant. It’s like a small city in itself, so bring a segway.

ELAD is currently completing the conversion of 103 units, as well as building a brand new annexed tower of 135 new construction units. Annie Dufresne, marketing director for the company takes us in one of the converted 3 storey penthouse designed by HUMÀ Design.

IMG_6187 2







According to our guide, the price per square foot is competitive when compared to similar projects in Griffintown like Les Bassins du Havre, The Walter on Atwater and MYST sur le Canal. Le Nordelec as an edge though, they propose potential buyers the option to “rent to buy” after the first year, an interesting option for millennials who didn’t managed to accumulate a sufficient cash down.

As mentioned in the intro, we did manage to get some exclusive by talking our guide into showing us the “power-penthouse” being converted as we write this. Excuse the mess, but this skyline view and super-high ceilings are just so incredible that we had to show you. There is only a few moments in each week where we feel like explorers. This is truly one of them.

image (4)



We’d like to thank Terrain Marketing for gathering our fellow bloggers and give us a chance to catch up with them. To learn more about Le Nordelec, visit their website. So Alex, do you like your internship so far? Way better than the call center I guess.

You can also see more pictures of the common space in the article from our friend Eve at Tellement Swell (french).


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