No need to say how Instagram changed the game for fashion bloggers and foodies around the world. But what about the real estate agents? The products they sell are not housed, but also a sort of lifestyle that showcase a local knowledge of neighbourhoods and the market. Here are 6 realtors who are entertaining enough to deserve your following!

Saguy Elbaz @realestatepapi

In this business, if you don’t list, you don’t last! Saguy is here for the long run because every week he seems to be celebrating a new listing contract! Or maybe he simply just likes to celebrate…

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Kevin Perreault @kevin.perreault / Vincent G. Bussière @vincent.bussiere

This team of two up and coming brokers at Sotheby’s are still in their early twenties but making in big. Early on the understood the power of social media and also keep their blog updated with stories from their new business.

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Martin Rouleau @martinrouleau

Martin is one of the highest roller in Montreal but always seems to have a blast, whether he is hanging out with local restaurateurs, business owners or his fellow realtors! He also manages a successful team agents to cover a wide range of listings.



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Tatiana Londono @tatlondono

Sometimes referred to as the Condo Queen, Tatiana is impossible to miss. She has the attitude (and the hair) that turns head everywhere she goes, whether it’s on a boat or a private jet! She also runs one of the most powerful team of realtors in Montreal, with more than 90 agents under her banner.

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Alexandre Gauvin @ag.mtl.distinction

Part of Martin Rouleau’s team, Alexandre displays a great taste for dressing sharp and is very generous in sharing pictures from his listings and adventures.

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Pierre Batbatian @batbatian

Rolling with the Re/Max banner, this realtor uses his Instagram account to share a lot of inspirational properties from around the world and also nuggets from his personal life (like his love for shoes). Just go easy with these hashtags Pierre, you’ll break the internet.

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Alexandre Lévesque
Editorial & Social Media Intern

Alex is an editorial intern who joins our efforts in scouting and reporting on the best condo projects, offices and high-roller realtors in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver.