The new Hotel W restaurant concept E.A.T. (Être Avec Toi) developed by NYC firm BPC (by Peter Chase) just re-opened its doors to the public in Montreal after a great amount of transformation. SID LEE Architecture wanted to bring radical change to the restaurant experience in hope to attract a new / trendier crowd and bring back the W Hotel restaurant top of mind when it comes to eating out or host corporate events.

“We wanted art to be a major part of the experience and evolve over the upcoming weeks. Customers will also be able to be part of the experience and appreciate the work in progress of some of the best Montreal artists commissioned to paint on the blank canvas you’ll notice inside” tells us Jean Pelland, Architect & founder of SID LEE Architecture.

The architecture firm also collaborated with Massivart in order to curate and commission the right 12 artists such as Stikki Peaches, What is Adam, Jason Cantoro and Jean Labourdette who all contributed emblematic Montreal artwork.

“This project demonstrate very effectively how artists can bring value to a commercial project like this. Our mission is to bring more artists, brands and marketers to connect and collaborate. We witness a shift toward businesses commissioning original artwork instead of simply collecting it” explains Philippe Demers, founder of Massivart.

This is clearly a look that clashes with the former venue and we look forward to see the space evolve in the upcoming weeks.


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