Eve Lavoie is a Montreal based photographer who specializes in portraits and fashion photography. To keep up with the new trends and perfect her craft, she constantly needs to experiment with new places and people. That’s why I was very happy to provide her with this light-filled loft in HOMA that I had just listed. Creative people often work on side-projects, free of commercial limitations or imposed directions. We therefore asked Eve about her creative process and accomplices.

Model : Jeanne Lessard
Stylist : Coralie Desjardins
Makeup & hair : Evangelia Pavlakos
Space : Heritage Lofts in HOMA


Photographer Eve Lavoie, picture by Jerome Bocchio.

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The loft located in HOMA, Montreal.


“The objective of this shoot was simply to explore new horizons with my creativity and make some fresh additions to my portfolio. I personally admire photographers who manage to vary in their style and form, without loosing their authentic signature or genre” explained Eve Lavoie about the photo op. “This shoot allowed me to keep progressing and try stuff in between contracts”.




“We creatives tend to feed on each other’s mood and inspiration. That’s why I love to surround myself who I trust in their respective crafts, allowing me to let go and fully enjoy the process” told us Eve on set. “The finish product is always the sum of all of its parts and we must learn to appreciate and thanks the people who bring their passion to the table.”



“My inspiration for an editorial or shoot usually sparks from a simple emotion. Something personal I encountered during the days prior to the prep” explained Eve about the early stages of her creative process. “Sometimes it comes from a face I saw or a meeting with someone special during my day-to-day. Something intriguing I wish to explore”

“Then I share this spark of idea with my Art Director who pitches in. We add mood boards, visual inspirations, music, film references and slowly, a whole universe starts to take shape. Stylists, makeup artists, hair stylist and models are then introduced to the idea and this universe expends!”



“In this shoot in particular, we wanted to project a sens of positive self-deprecating, a kind of let go and let be, I would say. We shot mostly using natural light of the space and our model was playing her part in emanating an sense of openness and joy. The final result is minimalistic and clearly reflects the sum of the creativity of each member of the team.”



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