It’s the little things that make a perfect weekend getaway. It’s the songs you play en route in the car, the girls you spot from afar or the drunk friend you simply refuse to leave at the bar.

Those little things of course, you can’t plan for. But for everything else, there is Le Panache 782: The perfect setup to enjoy a shabby-chic stay directly inside the Mont-Tremblant Resort. This means directly on the slopes and steps away from the village amenities and action.

Montage-verticaux-Tremblant1 IMG_0575

The new owners of this beauty were kind enough to allow Tower Trip’s friends & family to test run the full luxury rental experience, as they just made it available on airbnb. Yes, we’re spoiled like that. Full disclosure.

Here’s our review and why we believe Le Panache 782 is one of the best luxury rental experience you can get for your money in this fairytale of a land that is Mont Tremblant.



The view is insane

We checked in at night, therefore the magic reveal in the morning was simply breathtaking. Perched on top of the last line of development, the huge windows and several balconies all benefit from an unobstructed view on the lake, the slopes and the blessings of the afternoon sun.

IMG_0446 IMG_0345 IMG_0487



Tremblant has a resort lifestyle. Once you park the car on location, you shouldn’t need anything else. With ski-in / ski-out in mind, your guests or family members are welcome to come and go as they please. Day 2, some of us went for a little stroll to chase the hangover and that’s when we made a new friend.

As you can see, numerous ski passerelles connect different sections and developments to the chairlift.

IMG_0373 IMG_0384 IMG_0412

Cooking looks all too easy

The teams who unfortunately drafted the brunch shifts were rewarded with the glorious clarity of the sleepy panorama and a magic snow we had chartered for the photoshoot. Gas stove, BBQ, double corian & marble islands and all the chef tools make it look all very easy to cook.

IMG_0217 IMG_0235 IMG_0296

The flying spa and patio

Indeed our favorite hangout of the weekend. With that fresh spring breeze coming in, the everlasting blue skies and a carefully curated Jurassic Park movie score, we felt on top of the world. The corner location allows for complete privacy and sun all day. These guys just couldn’t leave!

IMG_0469 IMG_0514 IMG_0487 IMG_0492

Room to breathe

With 3 floors, 4 bedrooms and many different chilling spots, our group of eight felt very at ease. I managed to sneak on my friends in order to capture a couple of candid shots while some were plunged in some kind of introspective moments. Cute.

IMG_0555 IMG_0156 IMG_0271 IMG_0561 IMG_0353

To learn more about the unit available for rent, see the listing on airbnb or facebook.

Thanks to rental management company Tremblant Prestige and Tremblant realtor Sean Hummel for the amazing experience and warm welcome. And of course, thanks to the owners of the cottage who clearly understood what a luxury rental experience should be.



Jeff Lee
Editor-in-chief & Broker

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