First thing you notice when you enter KYOZON is how huge and open the space is, filled with natural light pouring down from the glass ceiling. Replacing the long time closed Hard Rock Cafe, this new-asian cuisine restaurant was conceptualized by co-owner Brian Bendix who lived in Japan for years and traveled extensively across Asia and is part of the Tom Nacos Group. The creative management team in partnership with Andres Escobar & Associates delivered the impressive interior design.


On the second floor, you can sit by the Kaiten Belt that links your table to the kitchen and constantly push new plates for you to pick up from the treadmill. From the open kitchen, sushi-rollers are facing the DJ booth and overlook the whole bar down under. This video from their instagram account demonstrate the Keiten belt in action.

KYOZON is an interesting destination for a lunch meeting if you are in the Crescent street / West Downtown area.

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