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Toby and Taylor Gauley were involved with construction from an early age, thanks to their father who was in the business of building and renovating luxury residences in the Laurentians and the West-Island. Now both in their thirties, they run their own design & construction company under Gauley Brothers.


We’ve met with them on their ongoing worksite of the late La Belle Province on Atwater street, which they recently acquired in partnership with the owners and restaurateurs of Barroco. The Gauley Brothers are currently busy converting the space into an “Americanized French Diner”, to use their exact words. They will call it Foiegwa.


“This is a funny story”, explains Toby Gauley. “Our partners realized that anglophones, and especially Americans, had a hard time accurately pronouncing the words foie-gras, resulting in something more like Foiegwa. On social networks, the ironic #Foiegwa was rapidly picked up among notorious members of Montreal’s restaurant scene and it became our name”.


Their concept will welcome customers through the back alley door and will present the exterior features of a classic diner, preserving some elements of the building’s heritage.

“When working on a concept like this, we often have to feed on the city’s restrictions. In this case, our plans had to include and preserve the round-shaped windows” explains Taylor Gauley. “The exterior will also preserve the stainless coverings to which we will then add all black tiles, to complete the classic diner look”. Planned city improvements of walking amenities will also help the venue. Located a few steps away from institutions like Joe Beef, Burgundy Lion and the Atwater Market, the Gauley Brothers hope to also make their mark in Saint-Henri.

IMG_2085 IMG_2067

As brothers in business together, they confirm: “Of course we fight all the time. This often leads to constructive discussions and ideas piling up, as we challenge each other. Like… The Beatles” jokes Taylor. “But we never got into a fistfight, though!” reassures Toby.

Indeed the Gauley Brothers manage to skillfully combine their visions and ideas with solid construction expertise. We owe them this recent timeless loft, also in the South-West, featured on many websites.

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Their company also worked on the design and construction of the club l’École Privée, the Notorious Barbershop and Le Velvet restaurant. All this work recently paid off as they just got celebrated with a Notable Award. We therefore look forward to the opening of their first owned-operated venue in the upcoming months.


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