Made-to-fit furniture company Meubles De Gaspé recently launched their 2016 Furniture Collection with a big party for friends, family and loyal customers. We asked them a couple of questions.



What was the main idea / inspiration for the new collection?

Within the past two years, we’ve learned a lot about furniture, about history, design, conception and fabrication but also about what we like and where we want to go. Th new collection is the result of all that as we wanted to put in practice all this knowledge. We wanted to distance ourself from our industrial look from the beginnings and refine the design. So we kept simple lines but worked on the proportion, asymetry and pushed further the association of materials.

The result is a collection with thinner lines, mixing wood, stone and steel. It offers pieces of furniture that are simple while being sophisticated and that, once in a room, improve it without taking over all the attention.

What do you believe sets you appart as a furniture company?

First, the design. That’s one of the main reason why people would chose our furniture over the one of our competitors. The title of « Ingvar Kamprad »’s book comes back regularly during our post-workday discussions : « Leading by Design ».  Secondly, I’d say the user experience of buying furniture.

Our whole business model is based on a mass customization. That means that while staying in a certain settings, each person can create its own unique piece of furniture by chosing through multiple options, all that from home, on our online platform. There is a lot of customers that comes the showroom and tell us «  I’ve been looking for piece of this design, in this specific dimensions for years » then they found our website and ordered!

What is your pricing strategy?

We try to keep a very good quality/price ratio. All our pieces are handmade in montreal from robust materials. We use domestic wood (Quebec and north east the US), canadian steel, ecological finition. Then we try to keep a price that’s fair to keep our furniture accessible. Sure it’s not Ikea but for the quality, it’s not a crazy price and since we’re often in our bubble, it’s a comment we got quite often from our clients that made us realize that.

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