This spring, Louwana Creek opened its doors on Laurier Avenue West, offering a lifestyle boutique with high-end sports clothes and a Camelia Sinensis tea bar for women (of all ages). Few weeks after the grand opening, we had a talk with Nikolaos Lerakis, from Beau studio, who partnered with space and object’s designers Rainville-Sangaré to create this well-thought and neat shopping environment.



“We like to call what we did for LC (but just between us) : Brandchitecture” says Nikolaos, laughing.

Half-way between luxury and nature, Louwana Creek is not only a shop but also a brand.  It’s a 360 degrees project from the name to its branding, from displays to store planning. Even if we’ll have to wait for its own collection to be launched around next winter, the well-picked clothing selection set the tone in a beautiful way. Booths are filled with recognizable quality sports brands such as Vimmia, White by Lole, Peak Performance, Michi (my personal favorite) and many more.





All custom made furnitures (steel and wood) created by Rainville-Sangaré are modulable. Their adaptability allows the room to metamorphose into a yoga class outside opening hours. Like we said in previous article, little details can really define a space and they outdid themselves here at Louwana Creek with no-handle-needed drawers and lines’ texture repeated in the store. If you pay attention, you’ll see them on the rolling racks, the showcases and the visit cards evoking a subtle and elegant movement.


It’s no surprise that we find Lambert & Fils’ lightings in this store. We tend to recognize their designs, but still appreciate the industrial and minimalist aesthetic they bring to every project and space.

“We did all of this together and that’s what make the design so strong. The whole collaboration deserved some credit. Also, Louwana Creek was a great way to know if we were able to work together.”


Let’s be honest, a green wall is something that we can call “cool” but take a look at those upside-down planters. Another little detail that LC didn’t miss.




The masterpiece is definitely the Camellia Sinensis tea bar at the back of the store. Small but efficient, this space stands by its huge mirror and its white tiles reflecting the magnificent skylight. Treated with an immaculate aesthetic, laboratory-like countertop is what we remarked at first sight, day or night. A smaller version is placed along the window, offering a great view on Laurier’s non-stop action.



With the neighborhood love quite strong in Outremont, LC has everything to become a must-stop, from the Camellia Sinensis tea station (which I’m sure will become a sort of craving for many of us) to its stunning design, this boutique will make us want to come back to shop for new styles or to clear our conscience for not going for a run while you’re sitting there, sipping on a freshly squeezed juice and browsing Instagram (like I did).



Photos by Jimmi Francoeur

Michèle Beauchamp-Roy
Montreal Correspondent
Michèle is a young designer with a prominent fashion background. That challenges the way she does things design-wise but mostly the way she looks at it. For her, the design has to be well-thought and useful to be beautiful. The thing that fascinates her the most is how natural light, a single piece of artwork or a subtle texture on a wall can define a space. Sometimes less is more, but sometimes less is also not enough.