Trade shows, urban festivals and sport events are amazing opportunities for brands to connect with their target audience in a ludic and relaxed environment. That’s why it is important to let them come and engage with an installation and staff. That’s when LOKI Box Design steps in.

This company designs and builds custom container structures that can be disassembled, packed and moved from a city to another. Whether it’s a trade show 3 stories high promotional tower for Bell or a simple pop-up booth to engage with music fans at Osheaga, these constructions are pretty impressive.



This simple studio installation for Crave TV in Toronto is where 2 of the final contestants established the world record for the longest television watching marathon!



Slick Portable Showrooms

The automotive industry is going through a lot of disruption right now as consumers seem to pull away from the dealership concept. We even witness car manufacturers starting to sell their vehicles directly online. Instead of waiting for potential buyers to show up at your doorstep, maybe it is time to bring your vehicles where the buzz is a qualify them right on the spot? This is a concept recently designed for TESLA in the US.



In this making of video we can witness the Bell promotional booth (tower) being assembled.

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