Pictures by Gabriel Lajournade
Story by Jeff Lee

Most often overlooked, but always critical to any event’s experience: the bathrooms.

Les Cabinets and its founders Patrice Marier and Marie-Pierre Hamel set out to improve the standards and general experience inside mobile and events bathrooms. We caught them in action at the launch of the new creative conference space Espace C2 inside the Fairmount Reine Elizabeth in Montréal.

“Think about that: you host an important international event where every detail has been crafted to perfection, but when your guests visit the sanitary amenities, the chain is broken.” explains Patrice Marier while touching up the hair products presentation.

Chocolates, dental floss, mousse, moisturizer, tide-to-go and repair kits are some of the items they provide on location. The discrete and professional staff is also fast responding to keep everything ultra-clean and tidy. Oh and they don’t accept tips, a point they made very clear. Its a compliment provided by the event organizers, hosts or sponsors.

“We like to say we bring rigorous Japanese-standards to the WC” tells us Patrice between shots.

Indeed this creates tremendous value for the overall experience and allows organizers to delegate the whole task to Patrice and his team.

Now the restrooms are the best kept square footage in the building! The company now also works as consultants for more permanent installations and projects like the upcoming new SID LEE headquarters being built at Place Ville-Marie. To learn more about their super clean business, visit Les Cabinets website.

To learn more about the new Espace C2, it’s here!





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