When we think of designers at work, we often picture really bright Kinfolk-ish spaces,  full of greenery and large industrial windows. We also think they’re all hip creatives wearing cool outfits and operating their magic around a pen and an hammer. Well I can tell you that…it’s mostly true, especially after visiting my friends at Lambert & Fils Studio.

It’s in their chaotic nevertheless organized workshop, around a couple of beers, that we assisted to one of the early Lab L&F’s meeting – a collaborative laboratory promoting Lambert & Fils Studio in-house young talents.


After walking a tour in the wide and luminous showroom (where you would also find Coop ETABLI‘s furniture), we entered the main space: the workshop. Every craftsman has its own station where he’s assembling very specific models. Neighboring : sockets, brass and wood pieces, some cables, a huge technical workshop, few more cables, and Bernie Sanders, a goldendoodle, the latest addition to the family.


 Say Hi to Bernie!


The Lab is a way for the makers to explore and express their creativity. When you think about it, everybody here has a design or artistic background. The big idea comes from a need/desire to create. – Laurence, Showroom manager.

IMG_3635 IMG_3610 IMG_3619

Here are Jeremy, Karl & Marie-France

As Laurence told me, the idea of Lab L&F came from the employees, for the employees, and was supported and encouraged right away by Samuel Lambert, founder and owner of L&F. Bringing together whoever inside the shop that wants to participate, the Lab is a real collaborative process. The belief of the Lab is to offer new styles of product, either they’re lamps or not, with no conceit at all, and to reach a new type of clientèle.

IMG_3732 IMG_3705 IMG_3717

In a typical Lab L&F’s meeting, everybody gets together around the kitchen table (including Samuel) and discusses (few snacks included) about everyone’s progress, questions, ideas and sketches. Some even presents advanced models. It’s impressive and inspiring to see creatives helping one another, raising ideas and designs to higher levels. Just with the place’s vibe, you can tell they work together everyday. Still, when they’re brainstorming on their own projects, there’s some kind of respect and-or admiration that arise from the team.

IMG_3596 IMG_3575 IMG_3602

Lambert&Fils has a settled design team which is terrific. However, since we work everyday with metal pieces and inspiring materials, we get to “want to” make and create things. What Samuel offers us is amazing, it’s almost like we make our own business along his.Laurent, Assembler.

IMG_3589 IMG_3650 IMG_3580

Two things will remind in my mind after my visit. First, people at Lambert&Fils forms a big beautiful family, their day to day life looks convivial and inspiring. Second, the new Lab L&F is a win-win undertaking. For craftsmen, they can develop themselves as designers within an established company and a worldwide vitrine. And for Lambert&Fils, it’s a way to stimulate its crew and never stop exploring new avenues. I’ll tip my hat off to the initiative.

IMG_3707 IMG_3670

School is over, kids are playing in the showroom. FYI, it fits two in that box.

As if we were part of the team, we concluded our visit with a ballgame in Jarry’s park, located in front of the office. Although, I’d like to thank everyone at Lambert&Fils for the more-than-warm welcome, their time and the snacks. I invite you to visit their showroom on St-Laurent blvd, from monday to saturday, and to stay tuned for any Lab L&F‘s developments (here and here)… You might want to remember the name when they’ll get famous.


Michèle Beauchamp-Roy
Montreal Correspondent
Michèle is a young designer with a prominent fashion background. That challenges the way she does things design-wise but mostly the way she looks at it. For her, the design has to be well-thought and useful to be beautiful. The thing that fascinates her the most is how natural light, a single piece of artwork or a subtle texture on a wall can define a space. Sometimes less is more, but sometimes less is also not enough.