Pier 27 is a new condo and townhouse development by Architect Peter Clewes built by Cityzen Development Group and Fernbrook Homes. The development was completed in 2014 and has a total of 303 units. We challenged Sage Real Estate Broker Mark Savel and correspondent Anthony Lavignasse to take us up there! Read the previous story featuring Mark here.


First thing I thought when I walked into Pier 27 was that it had to be the most modern and unique building in the core of Toronto. Almost every room has such a unique view of the city and its surroundings. A big part for me was the juxtaposition that the room’s views had, on one side you had an amazing vantage on the city while on the other side, you could drink the whole lake over the pier.


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“Lakefront developments are so important to a city, especially one as big as Toronto. Pier 27 is the last thing you see before the lake and the first thing you see from the lake. Having such a bold design, it will hopefully push other developers to create equally inspiring architecture to line the shore!” explains Mark Savel.

Being at pier 27 makes you feel like you are in your own little village and it’s a great place to go for a waterfront stroll. You are just a few feet away from the pier and able to watch boats dock and leave. It’s calming and breezy and fresh. Look at Mark playing ping pong with emails.

“Naturally, my favorite element of the project is the bridges that connect the two buildings and sit perched above” keeps telling us Mark, photographed here with Kyra Flomen of Vicbar Marketing.

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Pier 27 fits in perfectly being where it’s placed in the city, it’s in the middle of the Financial District, Toronto. It has such a modern industrial feel to it. To the right of the buildings you have the iconic Red Path building and just next door, the Tip Top Tailors Building that has been converted into hard lofts. Throughout the building you have large steel beams that are in the hallways and make up the walls.

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“You don’t want to be stingy on quality because it changes the whole feel of the suite and the overall project. Kitchens have to be high-end because people spend so much time in that area, whether they’re eating home alone or entertaining friends.” Says Luxury Real Estate Magazine in a recent publication.


We’d love to thank both Mark Savel and Vicki Griffiths of Vicbar Marketing for making this epic tour possible! For more information and see the epic project teaser, visit pier27tower.com.

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Anthony Lavignasse
Toronto Correspondent

Anthony is an interior design and architectural photographer who first discovered his passion for photography while traveling and taking pictures of cityscapes in London and New York. This passion grew into a business where he now works with a wide clientèle of interior designers and luxury custom home builders in the greater Toronto area.