KnightsBridge is known for their quality and LEED certified new construction projects that blend in perfectly with the mature neighborhoods we already love. Since we covered them in a first story almost a year ago (article here), the company won a Domus award for “Builder of the Year” for the greater Montréal area.

They recently put a new project on the market: Two magnificent townhouses in Villeray, which could also be combined in one mansion if an ambitious buyer rises (see plans below). To showcase their savoir-faire and vision, partner David Pontbriand invited us for an exclusive tour of an almost identical and completed project nearby.


“This project sold very quickly and got a lot of traction, therefore we wanted to replicate this success” explains David.

I was in for a surprise! Of course from outside the construction seems new and modern, but once inside, the grandeur was spectacular. The central staircase and two-floors high green wall forces you to take a pause.



The bedrooms and home office are on the first floor, while the kitchen and living room are upstairs, keeping the entertaining space and the private portion of the house separate. Radiant floors all over the house allow to dispose the furniture however you like without worrying about electric baseboards.

“We also work closely with our clients to deliver fully customizable units and interiors” tells us David Pontbriand.

IMG_2357 IMG_2401 IMG_2342

I felt very zen and safe in the open space upstairs and I can only imagine how fresh in feels when the inside and the outside terrace merge into one giant floor during the summer. You will also notice small details like the traditional frontages ornaments that have been preserved from the former building.

To learn more about this upcoming project and KnightsBridge, visit their website.



Maëlys Pellat-Bravo
Editorial Intern
Maëlys is a senior year student at HEC majoring in marketing. Originally from Nice in the “French Riviera”, her passion for travelling brought her to Montréal for studies. Always in search of new experiences with a strong interest for digital medias, she hopes to bring a European touch to the editorial team and explore new neighbourhoods this summer.