EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was originally released in April 2015. Some information may have changed.

KnightsBridge builds small condo projects in the most sought after neighbourhoods of Montreal. Their strategy is simple: first they buy what some call a Shoebox. This means a one storey house between two multiplex buildings. Then they team up with local architecture firms like La Shed, Blouin-Tardif or ADHOC to erect a modern and green construction.



We met with David Pontbriand, one of the three partners at the company inside their new sales office in Rosemont. “People usually think that buying into a green project is more expensive. But if you run the comparables, we make sure our prices per square foot is super competitive with the area we develop. Add to the fact that these LEED projects are proven more sustainable and less energy consuming.”


For those unfamiliar with the LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), it is basically a battery of tests and inspections a developper has to go through, which in the end will provide the following advantages:

  • Longer lifespan than a regular building
  • Higher resale value
  • Systems that are more durable
  • Superior thermic insulation
  • Access to various grants and is subject to rebates with some insurers
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Among KnightsBridge’s pre-constructions is La Case Verde, where 8 units surround a walled garden. Also facing a park and at walking distance from Marché Jean-Talon, this project is a perfect combo of slick / modern finish in a low-density residential area. “We chose to develop in prime art-de-vivre areas with close access to the metro grid, farmer markets and good restaurants. Places we would ourselves love to inhabit.”


All pictures below were also taken inside the sales office / model unit in Rosemont. The combination of tall windows, air tightness and heated floors creates an inviting, comfy and brilliant environment.We’d like to thank David for his time. Feel free to contact him and his colleagues to learn more about their future plans and opportunities.





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