The Real Deal Magazine brought some of the most respected developers and brokerage firms from NYC and South Florida to discuss, share insights and obviously promote their projects in Toronto. As Canada is the #1 foreign investor country in the US real estate market (currently battling this spot with China), the Toronto Forum and Showcase was key to craft relationships between both countries.

Here are a couple of fresh insights and pictures from our day of meetings and conferences.

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VR is definitely a thing for luxury real estate marketing

As foreign investors often buy pre-construction or simply from abroad, ArX Solutions provides developers with immersive and easy to share simulations that are mind-blowing. Perfect for trade shows, sales offices and web marketing. Here’s an attendee exploring a Miami PH with CEO of ArX Solutions Gonzalo Navarro.

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Luxury Brands Meet Real Estate Developments

Armani Casa and the Porsche Design Tower in South Florida are two of the recent examples of developers striking deals with luxury brands to market projects. This process helps to evoke instant luxury and gain the trust of international buyers.

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The rise of the lifestyle brokers

Brokers like Graham Scully below from PSR Brokerage are sharp and passionate about real estate, but are also the kind of brokers you’ll still want to hang out with when the transaction is done. With so many real estate license holders out there, choosing the right agent for you is all about finding the one who will clearly understand your lifestyle and needs.



Canadian brokers should work more closely with South Florida developers

As Jay Parker, CEO of Douglas Elliman in Florida, advised on stage during the South Florida panel: “Brokers in Montreal and Toronto should wear a teal blue bracelet as a reminder to ask their clients if they would be interested in investing in South Florida. It’s their responsibility in well servicing their clients”.



How Michael Wekerle, investor and star of Dragon’s Den looks for new real estate investment markets

“I’m looking to invest in geographic areas where people are producing and releasing great content” explained the dragon on stage during the fireside chat session. “It’s also interesting that people used to go where the jobs were but now, the trend is that employers go where the talent is! That’s a great insight when it comes to commercial real estate”.


The Ritz Residences of Miami had fun with the exchange rate

After the event, a cocktail was hosted by the sales team of The Ritz Residences of Miami, where for one night only, brokers could offer their clients to purchase a unit at par. Which means they could make an offer in Canadian dollars right there in the closing lounge!

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We would like to acknowledge The Real Deal for making us part of the event and next year, let’s aim to make it up to the central row!



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