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Update: The upper unit featured in this story is currently available for rent. Contact real estate broker Marie Champagne for additional info.

This following story was originally published on Jun 8, 2016

Since Marie Champagne and I at Engel & Völkers are bringing to market this last available unit of Projet Normanville in Rosemont, we managed to secure access to the two-floor PH just above our unit, where one of the architects of the project actually resides. You can therefore appreciate how this whole project is consistent. Please remove your shoes.

6981 rue de Normanville_30_PR 6981 rue de Normanville_03_PR

Projet Normanville is the conversion of a typical Montreal duplex into a tall 4 unit boutique development, confidentially blending behind the tall oak trees of Rosemont. Their thick foliage and the extra distance from the street curb created by the area’s signature sidewalks provide intimacy and shade.

IMG_3262 IMG_3261

The noble materials like walnut and cerezo wood essences combined with the rusty corten steel achieve a “gold rush” ambiance with clean lines and surfaces.



Upstairs, the passerelle forces you to acknowledge its presence and created an interesting hypnosis effect to some of the curious clients I brought up for private showings!

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The whole open layout of the second floor is amazing, stretching from one terrace to the other. Above the rest of the neighbourhood, you can confidently entertain friends while quietly growing vegetables on the other side.


IMG_3275 IMG_3273 IMG_3303


And this shower is bursting with natural light and legs room, perfect to make phone calls in the morning.


IMG_3296 IMG_3305


Hitting the market: The 1200 sq/ft unit offered at 399 000$

We just listed the second floor unit where you will find the same level of craftsmanship that will hypnotize your guests! Clean lines, slick finishes with that same rugged but minimal look. Thanks to architects Charles-Alexandre Dubois and Eric Potvin-Rémillard for the access and this amazing project!

More info about this property here.

6981 rue de Normanville_26_PR

6981 rue de Normanville_12_PR 6981 rue de Normanville_07_PR 6981 rue de Normanville_14_PR 6981 rue de Normanville_15_PR 6981 rue de Normanville_06_PR 6981 rue de Normanville_22_PR



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