During my last mission in Toronto, I had the chance to visit this unique and architecturally epic penthouse called The Perch in Rosedale. Listing broker Paul Johnston and his team specialize in unique homes of particular character, style, design and appeal that stand out from the rest. Co-listing agent Matt Manuel took us up in the private elevator to the pristine unit.

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The PH

The Perch is a custom built full-floor penthouse, where Rosedale meets Summerhill. This beautifully appointed home features 360 degree views from the sunny treetops, offering over 1800 square feet of living space, plus 2 large terraces. Sweeping views of downtown with Rosedale tranquility!

This home offers rare and exceptional style and space while really living up to its name: you feel like you belong to the treetops and reign over this part of the neighbourhood. A true Tower Trip!

The property sold recently for 2 250 000$

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Here’s my friend, music artist and muse Marie Eve gazing at the horizon.


The neighbourhood

Rosedale is an affluent and calm neighbourhood north of downtown Toronto and is one of its oldest suburbs. It is also one of the wealthiest and most highly priced neighbourhoods in Canada. The low rise residential area with beautiful and 1850s style mansions got its name from the wild roses that grew there in abundance. It is thus very interesting to see this glass nest deposed on top of the Edwardian apartment building, overlooking the shingles of the past.

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The developer’s challenge

According to The Globe & Mail: “When the developer began planning this addition to the Edwardian building, the project has been locally controversial. Rosedale neighbours, apprehensive lest the upward extension become a precedent in terms of height, tried to stop it. The heritage people at city hall opposed it. Financiers were reluctant to back a real-estate scheme so different from anything they’d heard of. But the developer Mr. Mann, who describes himself as “tenacious,” persisted. The result of his labour is a little, slightly off-beat instance of downtown intensification, and, indeed, a beautiful one.”

Many thanks to Matt Manuel who took time of his busy schedule to tour this amazing property with us!

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