It is spring now and spring is for adventures.

On a tropical backdrop, a rare and wild Jeanne RD appears. The instagrammer and creative content producer was invited to tag along for this next exploration. No, we are not in an exotic jungle near Tulum (see previous story) but inside the surreal and huge sunny atrium of the residential project Tropiques Nord in Montreal.

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Maybe standing in the shadow of its more famous neighbor Habitat 67, the Tropiques Nord complex is definitely not lesser in its bravado. The 1,6km stretch of artificial land on which both projects were erected was originally designed around 1890, as a “seawall” or levee to protect the port against the sometimes violent jams and currents of the St-Laurent River. The area is also internationally notorious for its year long surfable wave.

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Stepping inside the 32 000 sq/ft atrium kinda feels like you just entered one of those futuristic complexes you could build in the end game of Sim City 2000.


Completed in 1988, the Tropiques Nord is a 120 units co-ownership complex on 8 floors, where each condo benefits from an atrium balcony. Outside, the controlled weather is around 26°C all year.

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In this tropical bubble, nature slowly tries to reclaim ground, creating this perfect indoor / outdoor blend. A full time job for the landscaping crew.

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Our insider for this story is realtor Alexandre Gauvin, part of the Martin Rouleau Engel & Völkers Team, who kindly accepted to provide a private tour of this 1 495 000$ unit currently on the market.


The 11 rooms residence has an intricate floor plan, with doors and concealed spaces like you would find in a late 1600s french castle. Oh, and indeed the overall decoration makes it even more… interesting.

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Jeanne and I indeed peeked inside the closets to find a wide selection of linen clothes, much more suitable than our bomber jackets to enjoy this weather. We would like to thanks Alexandre Gauvin for his precious time, you can follow him here.

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