1Milk2Sugars‘ Toronto office is located in the Fashion district, surrounded by a ton of boutiques, restaurants and coffee shops. It’s centrally located and close to all of the fun events going on in the city. The neighbourhood vibe is very creative with a lot of agencies in the area.

President and Founder, Priya Chopra, created the concept and planned several visits back and forth from Montreal (where they also have an office and a team) to oversee the project.  I asked her a couple of questions.



How does the office design affects the day to day mood of the staff?

Being a Public Relations Agency that manages image and branding, we’re all about the details and smaller elements. From the “Sugar” candy jar and the chandeliers to the fresh flowers purchased every week, we always ensure our office is in pristine condition.

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Seems like a cool place for happy hour…

We often host events in our office so it’s of utmost importance to us to keep the space well-maintained. The natural light from the large windows and the open concept of the office creates a welcoming atmosphere that encourages the team to work together.

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Which part is your favourite?  The Sugars’ favourite part of the office is the area we keep reserved for meetings with the team, clients and guests. The table is surrounded by a cozy couch and a display of our client’s products. The simple furnishings keep it spacious and the open atmosphere helps spark creativity.  

Other interesting feature? Guests must pass through a 30-foot client branded corridor in order to reach the open concept office space, creating a grand entrance to the Sugar Loft.  

We’d like to thanks Account Coordinator Rebecca Pouliot for making this happen!

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