Yes, this title has all the buzzwords. But I personally assure that this property is phenomenal, since I actually got to see it in person during one of my usual weekend shopping tours for clients. Listed by Yannick Charlet & Craig Goodman, this high-tech new construction boutique condo project in Rosemont is very interesting.

  • Asking price: $899,000 + taxes
  • 6 Bedrooms + 3 Bathrooms
  • 1 Parking
  • Luxury finishes and appliances
  • Motion detection lighting
  • Extensive walk-in

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The whole unit revolves around a central courtyard, allowing floor to ceiling windows in all rooms and natural light to pour in. It is also a very nice feature and a summer extension of the master bedroom.

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You can also check the luxury check box with this unique feature: A master bedroom spiral staircase that connects to the huge walk-in closet and a full bathroom on the level below. This visit was definitely worth our time! Thanks to Yannick & Craig for allowing us to feature the property.

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