Pictures by Michel Bonomo.

I was so pumped, switching lanes back and forth on Sherbrooke street, speeding, trying to get there in time.

Arrived on 24 Somerville Street in Westmount, architecture photographer Michel Bonomo and Nathalie Elkouby of Martin Rouleau’s team were busy snapping pictures for the upcoming exclusive listing which is about to hit the market later this week.

IMG_0807 01 IMG_0799

Located in the heart of Victoria Village, the confidential stacked house was designed by firm Robitaille Curtis with some special inputs from a Cirque du Soleil artist and designer. Yes, because the 32′ atrium is topped by a voltige safety net, allowing natural light to descend 3 floors down while also providing a relaxing area for those who dare.

CUI 11-SAM_7953


Of course it had to be tested by yours truly. I’m pretty sure by now that Nathalie regrets not jumping in!


Douglas slats, concreted heated floors, white lacquered millwork and other interesting materials are combined to create a crisp clean and warm feeling where every inch is optimized.

CUI 07-COUR ARR_8013


The property is currently offered at $1 878 000.

Contact Martin Rouleau for private showings and additional info.

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