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By the time you read this, our maker of the week Jesse Herbert, is already cycling on some remote wine routes in Argentina for 6 weeks. His passion for both good wine and bicycle, conspired to bring him and his company Oopsmark, their big idea: a wine rack that can be suspended to any bike frame.


“When I quit my mechanical engineering job, I was hoping to create a business or product that would allow me both creative and personal freedom” explains Jesse. I forgot to ask him if he had read the book The 4-Hour Work Week!

Jesse Herbert.Oopsmark


A global coverage

From his atelier in the Mile-End in Montreal, Jesse proudly shows us the cover Wine Magazine featuring his now famous Bicycle Wine Rack.

“I lost count of the magazines in blogs coverage at some point. When my product was featured on Design Sponge, things simply exploded and orders started coming in. Next thing I know, I’m featured in Playboy magazine, in two foreign languages!” laughs our maker.


Knock-offs and online inspiration

However, Jesse spends little time online to browse design websites to get inspired. I noticed that he only carries a small notebook around. Probably to put down small every day bits of ideas.

“It’s difficult to forget something one might have seen online. Even if we try to use a genuine creative process, some stuff can’t be unseen, and it simply lurks in the back of our minds. When I conceptualize a new product, I tend to limit the influx of information.”



An ever-expanding product line

Building on the success of the Bicycle Wine Rack, Oopsmark now offers a wide range of accessories and goods, all made from noble materials. Below is a hook to suspend jeans and coats in order to avoid leaving them on the floor to wrinkle.

IMG_0559 IMG_0556

His most recent endeavour is a hybrid back-pack that can also be fitted on a bike rack.

“At first I tried to find a decent looking bag to mount on my bike rack. Impossible. I thus decided to create my own,” tells us Jesse. Typical entrepreneur spirit at work, our creative designed a new product to first answer his own need!

To browse and shop all of Oopsmark’s products, visit the official website.

IMG_0572 IMG_0592

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