At first I thought this house was haunted. Exploring this vast and empty house with no furniture, I felt like floating in the ether, lost between two worlds. Then I suddenly caught my reflection in a looking glass above the fireplace. A friendly ghost. But the more I was exploring of this 3 story row house, the more I felt comfortable and enveloped by the delicate light pourring differently inside each of the 13 rooms.


Agent Anne Marineau from Sotheby’s Montreal first kept her distance as she understood I was in a sort of a trance, floating between rooms. The only sound of my camera clicking and echoing in the wooden staircase unraveling over the 3 floors.

IMG_3317 IMG_3319

“This magnificent stone and brick home was accurately restored while retaining the original architectural sought after details : beautiful moldings, 12.6 foot ceilings and original recessed shutters” explains Anne as we take a look at the beautiful restored hardwood doors.

IMG_3374 IMG_3404

I particularly loved the copper radiators matching the gorgeous cabinets and faucets.

IMG_3383 IMG_3337

The owner works in the arts & entertainment scene and was obviously able to appreciate the details and the woodworks you can notice all over the house. Now living out of town, this house now serves as a pied-à-terre. Its very convenient location steps from the Le Quartier des Spectacles and the McGill University campus is a sure bet.

IMG_3389 IMG_3351

“Even by this hot indian summer day, the house is breathing fresh air in every room” witness Anne as she reveals the confidential backyard and balcony.

For more information about this century old property at the foot of the Mountain, please contact agents Anne Marineau and Zoe Vennes.

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