We had the chance today to climb up the worksite of L’Avenue Condos along with selected top brokers of Montréal. This is simply a little recap of our vertiginous ascension in hope you get the feeling of being up there with us!

There is only 12 units and 8 penthouses remaining. If you would like the opportunity to invest in this project, let me know, I will get you in.

IMG_3067 IMG_3069

First floor we stopped was this corner unit facing west on the 38th. As you can judge by our enthusiasm and selfies, it was pretty steep and perched high enough to give most of us vertigo.


IMG_3166 IMG_3113

A couple floors up and we were on the 975 sq/ft private terrace of PH 4201, overlooking the Deloitte Tower and the Bell Centre. This almost completely unobstructed view was amazing on this clear day!


IMG_3140 IMG_3154

IMG_3087 IMG_3186 IMG_3100

In terms of amenities, here we are back on the 9th floor where a giant terrace, gym and pool complex will blend the inside and outside year long, with heated pool and radiant floors. Another interesting perk will be the Provigo and Starbucks confirmed for the 2nd floor.

IMG_3213 IMG_3223 IMG_3202

To appreciate the final renders, see the gallery here.

I would like to thank warmly the teams at both Broccolini Construction and Baker Real Estate for organizing this hard hat tour on this lovely spring day in Montréal.

IMG_3188 IMG_3233

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