It was early summer when we jumped in Kevin Perreault’s car for a little road trip to Nuns’ Island in order to meet with his partner Vincent Bussière. The team just listed an interesting unit they wanted to show us: “You’ll see, the view of the Montreal skyline from the balcony is just amazing”, promised the Sotheby’s broker.


Nuns’ Island is part of the borough of Verdun and got its name from the  nuns of the Congrégation de Notre-Dame who acquired it 1706 and cultivated the land for 250 years, until they left in 1957. The development of the island began in earnest with the opening of the Champlain Bridge in 1962. You can learn more about this story here.

Not far from the point of entry on the island is the Sax 1 condo complex. Climbing up to the 6th floor, we opened the door on a sophisticated and open penthouse where the city view is obviously the first thing that stroke our attention. Two private balconies will also give you a 180 perspective on the Montreal’s skyline in the distance.



“This is not for everyone, but owning your peaceful place to come home to just 5 minutes from the city, with your own two parking spots is definitely something that appeals to the young professionals” explains Vincent Bussière while working an early tan on the large balcony.

IMG_6624 IMG_6630

Judging from thee choice of furniture and the magazines on display, I can easily understand the owners are part of the epicurean & tasteful travelling class. They were in fact visiting friends in Europe while we were given this tour. I love to be the ghost that floats in a seller’s apartment, trying to guess what type of life they live! One thing is sure, we affectionate the same magazines.

IMG_6608 IMG_6627

One interesting detail about this listing is the master bath and bedroom that are only divided by this glass wall. This gives a sense of openness and almost simulates a spa-like experience in the comfort of your dwelling. The shower sunlight opening is also a nice touch.

IMG_6659 IMG_6664 IMG_6663

“Some people might be tired of the city buzz but don’t necessarily wish to move to the suburbs. Nuns’ Island can be that sweet spot for young couples or families”, tells us Kevin joining his partner on the outdoor couch.


We spent the rest of the afternoon circling around this rock, scouting for other interesting properties on the market. There is certainly something relaxing and exclusive about living on Nuns’ Island. As we drove around, we witnessed various types of condos, row houses, detached homes and waterfront properties surrounded by a lot of green areas and of course, the Saint-Lawrence River as a backdrop.

The learn more about this specific unit, feel free to contact the brokers at

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