TOWER TRIP is going back up with fresh new real estate stories and explorations of the most creative spaces.

Yet before we could do any of that, it was important to go back to the drawing board and reflect on the new ways to share the discoveries. The brokers, the architects, the developers and the talented craftsmen-women behind the work you spot from the curbside.

As the self-proclaimed editor and emperor of this little operation, it is my job to stay on top. Not just with the new means of production or technology available, but also about the best ways to connect, source and process original material and stories from our friends located in different cities.

All and all, the new adventures will start to roll out in a new format of content that is more authentic, fast-paced and mobile friendly.

Still incorruptible on the editorial approach. Still boots on the ground, offering a unique insider’s look.

This is all very exciting.

Speaking of which, it’s maybe time to drop me a short message and let me know what’s up? It’s been months.

The grand rolodex is being updated. Therefore, feel free to inform us of your new trophy listings, projects in construction, design companies or simply tips about what we should report in the near future.

Jeff Lee
Editor & Broker




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Jeff Lee
Editor-in-chief & Broker

Jeff loves to discover and explore the best real estate with those who dream big and make it happen. He hopes to bring his marketing and content production expertise to the real estate world. He is also a Real Estate Broker operating in Montréal.