About our correspondent: Kim Bellavance is a professional photographer based in Vancouver. She grew up with a camera in her hand, always looking for the perfect shot. For her first story on Tower Trip, she brings us to one of the most picturesque Vancouver properties we’ve featured so far.

I was very anxious and excited to go visit that house. As I drove up the pleasant and picturesque road along the ocean, breathtaking views of the Pacific were flashing by my car window. This short drive is really what sets West Van as an other world. I was impressed with the lush vegetation, the trees and the flowers on the properties I was driving by, even though it was late November!


I was early and my host, broker D.J. Denner was not arrived yet. I took a chance and ventured towards the side of the house where I peaked at the marvellous view on the ocean this house offers from the patio.  Then I noticed the little rainbow on the ground that the glass railing creates and I thought, well this house is so fine, it even has its own rainbow!


D.J. Denner is probably the most genuine realtor I’ve ever met, a true gentleman. We exchanged a bit about our backgrounds, turned out we are both from the country and now thriving in the city. He explained how blessed and lucky he felt to have worked his way up to become one of the top respected West Vancouver brokers and of course, about how he once only dreamed about marketing a listing as unique and prestigious as 4460 Ross Crescent.

Here he is, striking a pose for our camera.


In a previous interview by Dream Homes Magazine, D.J. Denner is depicted as a realtor who truly understands his role as an agent.“Today’s market requires a more aggressive approach to marketing sophisticated properties by maximizing listing exposure, understanding and appreciating different cultures and business etiquette with the ultimate goal being to help clients receive the greatest return on their investment in the least amount of time, with minimal inconvenience.”


Before I step inside, I imagined a new and very modern house which, in my opinion, sometimes feel “cold”. But when I entered, I was literally already in love with the place! First you notice how the whole wall going from the kitchen to the living room is all windows, looking at the ocean. The main floor opens on to a fabulous indoor/outdoor lifestyle with heated patio, built-in kitchen, swimming pool, Spa-like Jacuzzi and all with a breathtaking ocean view as the backdrop to this spectacular beach access home. But I kept the best part for the end.

009_WestVanHouse 012_WestVanHouse 032_WestVanHouse

The master bedroom also benefits from this scenic view. I could easily picture myself awaking to this view every morning and never get tired of it. The bedroom also has its massive patio looking at the pool and the Pacific.



Finally, there it is, the gorgeous terrace with private beach access. Some other houses on the hill will probably have the view, but how many will allow you to simply step outside of your backyard and take a walk on the beach? This is a truly unique feature. And also the fact that when you sit in the jacuzzi, you are basically dipping a sea-level.

017_WestVanHouse 034_WestVanHouse 042_WestVanHouse

I would like to thank our DJ Denner for his precious time and for more information about this incredible property, contact him directly. Now he has to return some calls!

041_WestVanHouse 023_WestVanHouse

Kim Bellavance
Vancouver Correspondent
Kim is a professional photographer, she grew up with a camera in her hand, always looking for the perfect shot. She is originally from Montreal but is now based out of Vancouver. Mostly inspired by fashion industry, she succeeds in finding the right fusion between her artistic vision and commercial work. Her versatility allowed her to perfect her talent while doing creative portraits, journalistic, sport, corporate and advertising photography. .