Acquiring a vineyard is probably the ultimate and most epicurean luxury. We were therefore delighted when Marie-Piers Barsalou, a Sotheby’s agent who specializes in the Eastern Townships properties, came to us with this story.

Located in the Sutton Mountains of southern Quebec, the Chapelle Ste Agnès vineyard was established in 1997 by Henrietta Antony, a Montreal antique dealer. The vineyard is named after a stone chapel built several years earlier on the same site and consecrated to Saint Agnes, a thirteenth century Bohemian saint. The vineyard has over 7000 vines and is focused on the production of icewine and other dessert wines.

Pictures by Sotheby’s Interational Realty

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A custom-built vineyard

The vineyard is built on a steep hillside, with massive stone walls supporting 18 terraces. Thousands of tons of stones and gravelly soil were used to create the vineyard. The rows of vines follow the gentle curve of the hillside, creating a veritable amphitheatre.

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An engineered endoclimate

The Chapelle Ste Agnès vineyard’s southern exposure, 30 degree slope, imposing stone walls, ideal altitude above the valley floor, gravelly soil, amphitheatre-like bowl and the two ponds at its base have created a unique endoclimate. During the day, the vineyard is noticeably warmer than the surrounding area, and due to the retention of heat by the stone walls and gravelly soil, the vineyard is also warmer at night.

The residence blends in perfectly with the scenery while a timeless stone chapel was built in 1993, hence the name for this marvelous property. For more information, please contact the broker.

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