DULCEDO manages the international careers of more than 350 models who work with the most prestigious brands in fashion. Whether they stroll down the catwalk of the new Louis Vuitton show, strike poses for the next H&M global advertising campaign or rise up to become the official face of Tom Ford, the DULCEDO models are groomed to step on the world stage.

The company recently moved in their new headquarters inside a landmark building of the historic McGill street, once an open door on the world when ships used to be our only vessels to conquer the world. This 3200 Sq/Ft is a property of FARD Investments and with their collaboration,  has been entirely stripped down and rethought by Karim S. Leduc, founder and managing director with the help of interior designer Amanda Gaiotti.

“This place is unique in the area because the sun rises on one side a sets on the other, providing us with all day natural light. That’s why we divided the space with as much glass as we could to preserve as much light as possible.”




The place is indeed soaked in sunlight, allowing photographers in the studio to capture the best of the aspiring models who come for an interview.

“We have a network of talent scouts working in luxury stores, universities and entertainment who are constantly on the lookout for fresh faces. It is our job to nurture their potential and prepare them for the global scene.”




Like real estate brokers who inquire about all the small details and comparables of a given listing, the agents at DULCEDO must understand the needs of their clients and propose the best potential models for a fashion campaign. They must discern the nuances in the model’s styles, looks and adjust with the industry trends.

“It takes immense knowledge of the market to understand the finesse of every brand’s DNA. We have to come up with the right casting to match their vision and in this business, there is rarely a second chance when we’re offered an opportunity. We have to nail it the first time!”



Thanks to DULCEDO Model Management for their warm welcome into their new offices. If you have a neat workplace to nominate for an article, feel free to reach out!

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