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We often joke about how the only thing you really need to start a business is a good name. But we have to admit that the simple idea of a company called Hamster and their tagline “Objets de Compagnie” was enough to catch our attention. We therefore met with David Boisvert and Karine Lafrance at their home atelier, where most of their products and designs are on display to tastefully furnish their apartment.


The first design you notice once inside, is this beautiful custom hanging lamp that matches the diagonal length of the dining table. These are details that make every piece created by these artisans just blend in every room.


With respective backgrounds in graphic design in advertising and industrial design for the toy industry, these makers have a keen eye for what is sharp, but also functional. A good example is this wooden electric extension that accommodates two Macbook power cords and their often too big white boxes. This is one of the signature product that has first made the reputation of Hamster.



On one side of the atelier, David is folding metal pipes in order to assemble a light fixture while Karine punches holes for rivets in a piece of leather, to create a suspender that will later be part of their much appreciated apron. “This design allows the weight to be distributed on both shoulders instead of the neck,” explains Karine. “A big belly pocket is also very convenient to keep tools inside while wood chips outside”.

Photo par Hamster.

Photo par Hamster.

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Their combined talent later led to conceptualize, develop and produce custom objects and furniture for customers who completely renovate their homes. As consultants, they work with residential architecture firms to imagine spaces and functionalities. “It’s very interesting to discuss the life habits of our clients and then design a solution that matches their needs. Lighting of their workspace for example can make a huge difference,” explains David. “Sometimes like-minded clients will also become friends and we can later all meet in their new home to drink good wine!” laughs Karine. A perfect loop.

Discover more recent projects from Hamster on their website. We also remind you that GURU Energy Drink is constantly looking for innovative and inspiring projects to cover, so feel free to contact us to share your latest ventures!

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