For more than a year now, real estate developer Prével with its own webzine, has been creating many stories about the communities and the neighbourhoods in which their condo projects are located. The marketing and content strategy was recently documented in this report we compiled on Infopresse and Sparksheet, when we met with David Deschênes, marketing director for the company. They take pride in writing about new food joints, music venues, upcoming events and often team up with local influencers to produce original content.


Prével recently teamed up with urban explorator / photographer JF Savaria and we were invited to tag along for the climb.

Intagrammer @JFSavaria is notorious for climbing buildings and monuments in order to access precarious yet amazing vantage points in Montreal. Real Estate developer Prével teamed up with the photographer and invited him to capture the beauty of Montreal’s skyline atop three of their signature projects: the rooftop terraces of Bassins du Havre, Lowney sur Ville and 21e Arrondissement.


“I mean, it’s not always dangerous but the views I manage to get are special. Usually nobody has access to where I shoot” reflects JF Savaria on the rooftop terrace of 21e arrondissement in Old Montréal.

IMG_0069 IMG_2614

On top of 21e arrondissement, the 36 year old urban adventurer develops:

“The fun is in the mission itself. Will I be able to climb? Where will I circumvent this or that? I do a lot of location scouting. When you finally open that door and discover a new angle or a view, it feels like winning!” explained the photographer.

IMG_0184 IMG_2549

This is certainly “a feeling” he nurtured during his adolescence, bathing in the graffiti scene. The photographer also tries to document old landmarks or buildings as they plan to get demolished.

“Something excites me in the fact of capturing something that will soon fade or disappear.”


Past sunset, JF took a moment on Les Bassins du Havre rooftop:

“It is an angle that has not been exploited very much. The gap between this project and the city skyline allows to admire the panoramic view, and also the fact that buildings are super well aligned. We have a great skyline from here”

Prevel_JFSavaria_Toit1_Republik IMG_0050

Project Lowney sur Ville and its most recent phase are pretty close to the Lachine Canal, providing a direct view on one of our city’s most notorious landmark:

“It’s the first time I’m able to shoot the Farine Five Rose sign and building vis-à-vis in terms of height. From here, the city looks vibrant from all sides. So much to shoot!”


Thanks to Agency Republik and Prével to allowing us access to this influencer. More info on Prével’s lifestyle blog: JF Savaria, roi des hauteurs de Montréal sur les toits Prével | Prével

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