This story is part of The Journey, a series of personal notes into the real estate world by editor & broker Jeff Lee. 

Ever since I started working in Real Estate, I dreamed of collaborating with developers and architects to bring to market new condos and other real estate projects.

General contractor Nicora and architecture firm L. McComber recently gave me my chance to become involved in that sense, creating the new marketing campaign and overview the sales of their upcoming residential project called OFF PLAZA in Rosemont.

To kick off the construction and bring awareness to the site, I invited both teams to give the symbolic “first sledgehammer hit” before the demolition of the former Maison du Rotin begins. Here is the satisfying slowmo video of the destruction!



We obviously had a blast and gave way more than a single hit, to be honest!

Of course the final result will be way slicker than this dirty teaser!

Overall, 4 townhouses, 2 penthouses and 2 studios will rise and shine, just 5 minutes from both Metre Rosemont and Beaubien. Two commercial space will also occupy the ground level, where one of them will be the new offices of the architecture firm L. McComber themselves!

To register for the prices list and plans:

Jeff Lee
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