Creating in some really cool headquarters in La Cité Multimedia was not enough for SID LEE, they had to take over an old warehouse on the other side of the street in order to feed their appetite for creativity. Having work there for several years, I can testify that this agency goes above and beyond when it comes to nurture creative talent.

The 8 Queen space has recently been revamped to welcome creative teams, workshops, host keynotes and of course entertain guests for agency parties. The Kubrick inspired (among other directors) environment won a grand design prize at the Graphika 2015 design contest.

Our challenge was to transform a former warehouse, located at 8 Queen Street, into a multifunctional space for Sid Lee. We created a space with multiple personalities, inspired by the work of important directors with incomparable styles; a space where each room is marked by its own atmosphere and visual world. We also developed signage and a typographic signature that perfectly fit the space and bring together the 8 Queen’s eclectic elements to create a cohesive whole.”

Pictures : SID LEE

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