Since this wonderfully crafted house is located just steps away from the Aésop shop of the Mile End, it was obvious to us that it could be a perfect fit to showcase their products in a real home environment. What more can we say? Visitors and brokers coming during our open houses need to feel comfortable and cozy, and of course, smell is the sense we often neglect.

Thanks so much to our friends at Aésop for making this local collaboration happen. The fragrances perfectly match the finesse and thoughtful design elements of the 5667 Waverly interiors created by Stephanie Fredricks.

For more info about this property on the market for 1 850 000$, see the listing page.




Jeff Lee
Editor-in-chief & Broker

Jeff loves to discover and explore the best real estate with those who dream big and make it happen. He hopes to bring his marketing and content production expertise to the real estate world. He is also a Real Estate Broker operating in Montréal.