They provide us with exclusive access and stories from here and abroad.

Morris_GrillCheeze_5V8A1096Jeff Lee
Founding Editor & Real Estate Broker

With a strong background in marketing, advertising and content production, Jeff created TOWER TRIP Magazine to craft compelling stories about the real estate world. He hopes to help Canadian developers and brokers promote Canada’s real estate internationally. He’s also a residential real estate broker based in Montreal.

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 Jamie Maniscalco
Miami Correspondent

Jamie Rose Maniscalco is a New Jersey-born, Miami-based entrepreneur with a passion for all things real estate. With a masters in communication and as founder of a business development firm Rose Relations, Jamie prides herself on building relationships, spheres of influence, and empires for herself and those she collides with along the way.

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Mariana Iordanova
Toronto Correspondent

An ex-banker turned realtor, Mariana was born and raised in Bulgaria and credits her creativity, accent and sense of humour to her Eastern European heritage. She is a full time wheeler and dealer at the Boutique firm known as PSR Brokerage in Toronto and a mover and shaker in Social Media, New Development Projects and Her City Wide community of Boss ladies and gents. Mariana has a healthy obsession with her two year old Boston Terrier, Florence.

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Olivier Pouliot
Commercial Correspondent

Olivier believes that one must be as comfortable in an office as well as at home, since one spends most part of his time there. Working as a commercial broker primarily oriented towards office rental, he enjoys exploring the different “homes” of the workers and follows the new trends in design. The well-being goes through comfort, and all this is created by taking the time to choose the right place and the ideal way to arrange it.

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Frédéric Blanchet
Montreal Correspondent

Photographer at since 2013 and rich with 25 years of experience in professional photography, Frederic combines both ambient light with the more modern techniques such as HDR to capture the essence of the places he explores. He’s not afraid to climb a rock or move the whole furniture to achieve the look he envisioned.

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Vanida Nhouyvanisvong
Paris Correspondent

Vanida is a Parisian student majoring in management and marketing from Nanterre University. She is passionate about art, indie rock music, and vintage design and decoration. She enjoys recycling old materials and gives them a second life. She also enjoys to discover and explore beautiful landscapes. She will contribute to develop editorial relationships and social media engagements with the Paris influencers.

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10628440_10152666185645638_3519074355724240295_nLaurent Veilleux
Montréal Correspondent

Laurent is a professional strategic planner who specializes in business and e-commerce strategies at while evolving in a diverse and international environment. From his managerial education at Singapore Management University to his fashion business activities in Europe, he carries a strong vision of style and is always seeking for new opportunities to connect with inspiring people and creative minds.

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madame2 copyFrédérique Gravier 
Montréal Correspondent

Frédérique is a recent architecture graduate from McGill University. She enjoys all categories of design, but is passionate about minimalistic aesthetics. For her, the greatest luxury is light. She also likes hugging columns to understand a building, a thing she inherited from one of her architecture teachers. She’s interested in the story, the people and their thinking behind the aesthetics of places she explore.

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IMG_8747Vincent Malo
Vancouver Correspondent

Vincent is an Account Supervisor in a top advertising firm in Vancouver. Also a competitive cyclist, he enjoys taking his bike along the West Vancouver scenic roads on the weekends to explore gorgeous properties with local brokers and developers.

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Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 2.35.50 PMMichèle Beauchamp-Roy
Montréal Correspondent

Michèle is a young designer with a prominent fashion background. That challenges the way she does things design-wise but mostly the way she looks at it. For her, the design has to be well-thought and useful to be beautiful. The thing that fascinates her the most is how natural light, a single piece of artwork or a subtle texture on a wall can define a space. Sometimes less is more, but sometimes less is also not enough.

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Anthony Lavignasse
Toronto Correspondent

Anthony is an interior design and architectural photographer who first discovered his passion for photography while traveling and taking pictures of cityscapes in London and New York. This passion grew into a business where he now works with a wide clientèle of interior designers and luxury custom home builders in the greater Toronto area.

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taylorTaylor Gendron
Québec Correspondent 

As a former Business Specialist for Apple, Taylor can definitely appreciate high-end design and craftsmanship. From a young age, he has always been captivated by architecture. Traveling across the globe as a consultant has lead him to realize that having a home you are proud of is crucial and this reignited his childhood passion for real estate.

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Matt Vardy
Toronto Correspondent

Matt is a creative agent (website) specializing in photography, design and video with a focus on real estate in the Greater Toronto Area. His work has caught the attention of professional athletes, billboard-charting musicians and leading brands such as Warner Bros. Records, L’Occitane En Provence, Air Canada, TRUMP, Empire Communities and more. For him, the most enjoyable thing about real estate is witnessing the traits that make each and every home unique.

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Kim Bellavance
Vancouver Correspondent

Kim is a professional photographer, she grew up with a camera in her hand, always looking for the perfect shot. She is originally from Montreal but is now based out of Vancouver. Mostly inspired by fashion industry, she succeeds in finding the right fusion between her artistic vision and commercial work. Her versatility allowed her to perfect her talent while doing creative portraits, journalistic, sport, corporate and advertising photography. She can now share with you her vibrant energy and passion for the perfect picture with Tower Trip.

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Olivier Auger
Montreal Correspondent

Olivier Auger is a young and recent graduate from the school of digital media. He collaborates to multiples projects for independent videogame developers, photo studios and digital marketing agencies. After his studies in sociology, Olivier chose to focus on digital media production and content creation. He loves his hometown and wants to explore it in all of its splendour.

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Alison Currier
Cross-Canada Correspondent

Alison Currier loves to experience local culture at home and abroad. Passionate about art, design and architecture, she has a soft spot for all things heritage – particularly old buildings and classic hotels. Her work as a training professional for an international jewellery company takes her from coast to coast, where her curiosity drives her to glimpse into hard-to-access interiors.

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Trung Nguyen
Montreal Correspondent

A teacher, a father, a photographer, Trung is driven by exploring and learning about art, culture, technology and design. His works in photography are fueled by his desire to document not only beautiful craft, but also about the people behind it.

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