Kevin Perreault and Vincent Bussière are the two new young guns at Sotheby’s International Realty in Montreal. While we were working on their new website, they invited us to tag along for a little show.

Since we got the listing for the penthouse of the Lancashire Project in the Old Montreal, we get so excited every time we bring potential buyers up there for a visit. But this time, it is you that we take along for an exclusive tour in this historic building.


Of course the interior of this late Victorian building has been entirely renovated and modernized. The bright, open hallways are welcoming and inviting. The windows and doors are preserved in their original form, offering a clear view of all the charm and landmarks of the neighborhood. Each unit boasts a unique panoramic view of the buildings of Old Montreal.

This picture has been taken from the mezzanine, offering a glimpse at the openness of the penthouse. The 2nd floor is where the private master bedroom and bathroom are perched.


The dining room is by far our favorite room because it really captures what this unit is about: views and light.


No matter where you stand in this penthouse, you’ll get a clear shot at some interesting Old Montreal architecture.


We took a moment to fantasize about inviting cool friends over for happy hour. This could be a great bachelor pad for someone who would like to enjoy the good Montreal life or simply a pied-à-terre for business purpose. The Lancashire Project is after all situated 5 minutes from downtown.

IMG_3878 IMG_3853 IMG_3912

To get the full listing features and details from the realtors, click here. Kevin and Vincent will be more that happy to brief you a little more on the Montreal’s market.



Jeff Lee
Editor-in-chief & Broker

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