Realtor Catherine Dawe at Keller Williams Urbain remembers the early days of her career when she worked on big cinematographic productions in Montreal. She obviously learned how light affects everything in a room and the perception of vastness it creates inside a unit. That’s why as soon as we stepped inside, she started to unveil the magic by pulling out all the curtains.


There’s so many windows in this unit that the sun was pouring from all sides and was bouncing off the shiny wooden floors. The double storey open dining room is simply stunning with its cathedral ceiling and chandelier. Having so much open space at this height in a building is a luxury.




We joked a little bit about the mezzanine I called the catwalk that overlook the dining room and joins the master bedroom and the two other bedrooms. This apartment also has 2.5 baths.



This home corner office has a lot of potential.



Catherine often deals with an international clientele looking for the finest homes. This kind of turn key unit could be home for someone who simply needs a pied à terre in beautiful Montreal, while also conducting business abroad in the more fast-paced cities around the world.

If there’s another thing this experienced realtor remembers from her early cinema years, it is the attention to details, so we hope she likes the pictures! Thank you very much for your time Catherine. For more details about this property, please visit her official listing page. The sun is setting now, time to wrap!



Jeff Lee
Editor-in-chief & Broker

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