For this new TOWER TRIP experience, we gathered creatives, musicians and local influencers for an intimate tasting of the new White Keys Vodka created in Rosemont. Entrepreneurs and founders Sylvain Lague & Alexandre Panneton took us back on their creative journey that led to the creation of a fine tasting vodka imbued with music and creativity as the core of the brand’s DNA. The backdrop for this special night was a high-end Rosemont condo developed by KnightsBridge, where the kitchen proved to be perfect for entertaining cool friends. See the video.


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A quest to find the best water

The vodka distillation process is one of purity, where the alcool concentration will reach 97%. The final product is then watered down to reach the usual 40% ratio, and therefore, water is a very important component.

“For months we’ve searched for the best water and finally found something unique : residual maple water” explained Sylvain Lague, president and cofounder of White Keys Vodka.

The byproduct of boiling up the natural extract in order to separate the sugar will result in a pure and a somehow “oily” water that is very  pleasant to the taste. A phantom sweetness that is hard to grasp.

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A blind test that doesn’t lie

We had a little fun with our guests and blindly compared White Keys with the competition. Every time, contestants could easily pick the Rosemont Vodka apart from the rest.

“Vodka is not something most people will enjoy un-mixed in a cocktail. We managed to create a high-end product that doesn’t have the harsh kickback of the usual suspects” explained Alexandre Panneton, cofounder.

Since Vodkas (like perfumes for say) are mostly marketing, it is a misconception to picture popular brands as luxury / quality product. That’s probably why most of us can’t even handle the smell or taste of the liquor after some bad college experiences.

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Music and creativity part of the DNA

Founding partners of White Keys are involved in many spheres of the advertising, entertainment and music industry. That’s why creativity and music play such an important role in their communications. They recently released a collaboration with Milk & Bone and the duo also created its very own cocktail named “The Poison”.


All in all, the culture of White Keys seems to be very genuine and organic in term of growth, with smaller batches produced and grassroots marketing operations. We would like to thanks Sylvain and Alexandre for sharing their passion project with us. Try or offer White Keys Vodka for the holidays, it is available at the SAQ!

About this property

Under the tall trees of Little-Italy rises the Il Silenzio developed by LEED builder KnightsBridge. This spacious 2-floors property on the ground floor & basement level has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, radiant floors, open living area, parking space, private backyard, patio and double volume staircase.

Offered at 825 000$

Full listing information here!

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