TUXEDO is an “All in One” Agency best know for their advertising work for beauty & fashion clients like L’Oréal, Vichy Laboratories, ALDO and Aubainerie (to name only a few). However, stepping inside their newly achieved headquarters on Sainte-Catherine, you realize they also have an impressive touch for Environmental Design and interiors. Today we have the privilege to be given a private tour of the space by Laurent Guez, the co-founder who thought and overlooked the renovations.

“This 6000 sq/ft studio is in fact the combination of two units we joined in order to connect the upstairs offices with this two level-split studio. And if you sit in the conference room upstairs, you can peek into an ongoing photo shoot. These openings between spaces, you’ll notice them everywhere as we walk around.”




With us for this visit is Philip Tabah, founder of The Main MTL, a webzine that covers everything relevant in Montreal, helping us navigate the city and scene we all love. Himself just got installed in his own humble Mile-End studio and therefore, he was indeed thrilled to witness how established agencies got their office game on.

“This place is so open and inspiring. I mean, one day I can only hope to provide this kind of stimulating environment to my team”.


The 25-30 agency has several open spaces benefiting from a the natural light and views on busy  Sainte-Catherine below. Black and white is omnipresent with here and there, minimalistic finishes of color.

“We all agreed plants were vitals so we settled for miniatures cactus we scattered everywhere. These guys are tough. They can be neglected for months and still thrive in this environment!” explains Cassandra Vallée, an Account Coordinator who also helped us set up this amazing tour.


DSC03617 DSC03605 DSC03624

A touch for Environment Design

With recent Environment Design work for Shoppers Mart, MAC Cosmetics,  and The Body Shop, Laurent Guez and his team understand that the customer experience must flow organically between digital platforms and the real world. That’s why they desire to conceptualize more brick and mortar architecture, flagships and interiors for brands.



DSC03632 IMG_0991 DSC03620

Obviously what took our breath away in this particular office is the immense studio and amenities for shooting products and models, giving absolute creative control to the artistic team. It is definitely the heart and soul of this construction.

Thanks again to Cassandra Vallée and Nathan Nardin who made this tour happen in the first place. TOWER TRIP is now looking for the next office to crash, so feel free to reach out to our contributors here with tips and ideas!

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