The Village au Pied-du-Courant is a collective and festive space, born with the support of the community and urban initiatives. Since its first edition in 2014, the space has evolved to fulfill its core mandate, which is to be a welcoming gathering place for all citizens.

Many designers and architects collaborated to build a unique place with creative popup design that offers a variety of cultural activities. Thanks to firms like MicroclimatRobocut StudioMachine – Design AppliquéFélix & CoTable Architecture, Amélie Ricard & Shanie Jalbert-BosséCultures AssociéesLas VerdurasLAATCollectif ALLLYLe PictographeCollectif Les FestivesCollectif Escargo, Collectif Eau Bord, Collectif Beaupré Parent, and Atelier 136.

The atmosphere changes from day to day. On Thursdays and Fridays, you can come and dance with your friends, there is a bocce ball court and you can enjoy live music with DJ or sip a refreshing cocktail. Whereas on Saturday and Sunday it’s more for family : marketplace, social dance and yoga workshops, and you can enjoy the landscape with a brunch. The pool and the sand will please young and old!

Take a look at our pictures!


Microclimat setted up the installation “Pied du Courant”


Collective Les Festives made a tunnel balls for a playful entry.




Robocut Studio – a donation cabin which blowing and lighting




Collective ALLLY – the pool with nearly 2,000 balls


Le Pictographe – To turn the propeller you need to pedal

DSCF5084 DSCF5037 DSCF5040



Machine Design Appliqué – You are protected from the sun


Collectif Associées – the teepee


Collective Eau Bord

DSCF5106 DSCF5020 DSCF5022 DSCF5017

Collective Eau Bord

Collective Eau Bord


Thanks to Jérôme, the co-founder of La Pépinière & Co for the project

DSCF5076 DSCF5143 DSCF5142 DSCF5127 DSCF5130

Vanida Nhouyvanisvong
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Vanida is a Parisian student majoring in management and marketing from Nanterre University. She is passionate about art, indie rock music, and vintage design and decoration. She enjoys recycling old materials and gives them a second life. She also enjoys to discover and explore beautiful landscapes. She will contribute to develop editorial relationships and social media engagements with the Paris influencers.