Additional pictures by Maxime Brouillet

Part of the project ATALA in Rosemont created by architecture firm Kanva, this townhouse was really fun to stage and shoot, as you can see from the video below. Spread on 4 floors, this property is the complete package with its garage, rooftop terrace and open layout.


This stacked up built is in tone with what we find on some cool subdivided lots in Toronto, where space must be optimized while easthetics kept intact. Therefore in this house, every floor has its own mood and purpose. The living areas are open and wrap around the stylish staircase.

Island atala-5 atala-4 atala-2

The project covering the whole lot between avenue de Chateaubriand and the back alley of rue Saint-Hubert allows for easy access from either side, while encompassing an intimate courtyard in the middle. The resident also seem to clearly appreciate to have a gated and secure spot for their bikes.

For more information about this property, see the official listing.


atala-3763 atala-8




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