Never Apart was celebrating its first anniversary last weekend. We thought it was a good timing to showcase all the fuss about this amazing art gallery and event space.

The mission of Never Apart is to bring together many artists from different background in order to inspire change through spirit and culture. Never Apart wants to give a common ground to the photographers and promote their work through curation and collaboration efforts.

For this tour, I met with Olivier Gagnon, the charismatic and uplifting Co-Founder and Owner of Think outside the box, «a creative platform based in Montreal dedicated to showcasing emerging and conceptual photography». His company was in charge of curating the amazing exhibition Whispering Stills that you can still tour until July 9.



Photo by Kyle Thompson

Photo by Kyle Thompson

“Whispering Stills is a tale captured in a time capsule. In this exhibit, four young artists (all under 25 years old) confront us with an idiomatic vision, isolated from our reality. While we are enchanted and touched by these figurative worlds, the photographs reveal to us that art can be a social media of another kind.”

Photo by Brian Oldham

Photo by Brian Oldham


Obviously one of the major perks and instagram totem of Never Apart is the private backyard with inground pool.

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Olivier also showed me a very cool installation located on the second floor: The Sun Room.

«The Sun Room is a permanent installation, conceived by Kelly Nunes and Adam Hummell. This sister installation to the Moon Room combines a ceiling mounted LED Sun with SAD light boxes for heliotherapy, within a room architecturally augmented to eliminate sense of depth and time by means of complete light immersion.»

IMG_6750-1024x683 (1)


Here is the Moon Room.



Even the kids room is amazing! Many arts and crafts events are also hosted at Never Apart. Check the website for complete schedule of activities. We’d like to thank Olivier Gagnon for the warm welcome and great storytelling.

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Olivier Auger
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