When I arrived, restaurateurs Maxime Perrault and Jessica Goulet were busy setting up for happy hour. Tonight, the restaurant will stay open until 2 am, a rare commitment and an appreciated perk for the local residents of Griffintown and Old Montreal.

“I always admired the classic and timeless institutions like L’Express or the Ritz, who embrace the after-show schedule and stay open later” explained Maxime Perrault showing me the menu.

Determined to earn its place among the classic destinations, Perles et Paddock draws its concept and branding from the heritage of the working class communities who use to inhabit what is now known as Griffintown.

“The Irish, the Ukrainians and the Mohawks to name only a few, were hard working people who brought their culture here from across the ocean. A trace that we must preserve and remember, amid the ongoing urban development of this area”.

Our regular readers know that we rarely go to restaurants for food. But this venue is indeed a real treat for the eyes, as nothing was neglected in the transformation of the former Colorpro garage. 

“We were pretty hands on on the design, going as far as drawing the bar stools myself. These light globes, which ressembles vintage candy jars, were all found in an antique shop and restored, as most of the furniture around us.”

Located on the corner of rue Des Seigneurs and Notre-Dame, you can’t miss the rolling carriage door and the warm cozy light that emanates from the lounge. We’d like to thanks Maxime and Jessica for the private tour and the passion they imbue in the neighborhood.

More info and reservations: Perlesetpaddock.com

Jeff Lee
Editor-in-chief & Broker

Jeff loves to discover and explore the best real estate with those who dream big and make it happen. He hopes to bring his marketing and content production expertise to the real estate world. He is also a Real Estate Broker operating in Montréal.