Surrounded by the sea, the forest and the mountains, Vancouver offers the absolute mix of outdoor living and urban landscape. It is also the most expensive city to buy a condo right now. Here’s 6 new projects we thought were remarkable.

The Charleson in Yaletown

Minutes from the core of the city and bordering False Creek, this brand new project seems like rising in the middle of it all. Views on the marinas, mountains and surrounding skylines is what Yaletown is so special about. Since the Expo 86, the neighbourhood has been transformed into one of the most densely populated area in the city. The parks, high rise apartment blocks, and converted heritage buildings constitute one of the most significant urban regeneration projects in North America with still room to breath.

Learn more on the Onni Group website.

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Aperture in Oakridge

This magnificent small project obviously caught our attention right away. The building exteriors, designed by architect Arno Matis, are inspired by iconic images of stacked timber and respond to the play of light, creating a unique and subtly changing look depending on season, time of day and weather. According to the architect:

“The floor-to-ceiling windows of each home are surrounded by frames – like apertures on a camera – that allow each home to receive maximum sun while minimizing glare, based on its unique positioning relative to the sun throughout the year. In summer months, when the sun is higher in the sky, the frames act as shades, protecting your home and keeping you cool. In the winter, the frames allow direct sunlight – and with it, cozy warmth.”

More details on the Aperture official website.

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The Janion Micro-Lofts in Victoria

Let’s now board the ferry to the The Janion Waterfront Micro-Lofts.  This project offers a setting where you can live large every day of the year. The Micro-Loft lifestyle goes beyond four walls and embraces the Inner Harbour and Downtown Victoria as part of your home. Grab your kayak or paddleboard and it’s steps to the water. Go for a stroll and you’re at a café or a boutique. Jump on your bike and you’re at a grocery store or farmer’s market.

More details on The Janion official website.

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TRUMP VANCOUVER in The Golden Mile

The Trump Tower is known for bringing luxury to another level. Located in the Golden Mile district where haute couture shopping , fine dining and entertainment is part of the everyday lifestyle. According to the developer, this is the most luxury project in the entire country and it was the only Canadian development to be ranked in the top 100 in the world by Elite Traveler.

“I believe Trump Vancouver can change people’s life in different ways. We bring the world famous fine dining restaurant Mott 32 to Vancouver, and Drai’s from Las Vegas will manage the poolbar night club. We also offer Rolls Royce car service and private jet hours for our residents” Told us Irene Quan, from the organisation.

More details on The Trump international hotel and tower official website.




The Independant in Mount Pleasant

Know to be home for a lot of artists and writers, Mount Pleasant has undergone a process of gentrification since the early 1990s, including the area around the Main Street and Broadway intersection that is increasingly becoming known as South Main, or SoMa. The centre of old town has become the energetic epicentre of new town. Vibrant shops, restaurants, cafés and parks are plentiful. The Independant was created with this sense of community in mind, hence the backyard It’s easy to see why this has become one of the most lively and sought-after neighbourhoods in Vancouver.

More details on the developer’s website.

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Pacific Point by the Seawall

While Vancouver has the highest price per square foot in Canada, it’s interesting to see a project that optimises its space as much as The Pacific Point in Yaletown. It is situated adjacent to the seawall and David Lam Park and offers spectacular views of False Creek. We like on the floor plans maximize the space but still feel open on the whole city scenery.

More details about this project on the official website.


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