The Queen city is claiming back her throne as the most exciting city in Canada. Longtime considered too business in the front and not enough party in the back, Toronto seems to have found its own mojo in the last couple of years. With the fashion, film and art communities growing the social scene while foreign investments push condo developments to new heights, it is fair to say that TO has nothing to envy to her sister Montreal anymore.

In term of real estate, here’s 5 new developments we thought were exciting based on their architectural promises and features.

The Art Shoppe

With the collaboration of Karl Lagerfeld, one of the greatest designers in the world, this project can’t be boring. With modern furniture and architecture, Mr. Lagerfeld designed a new, one of a kind lobby. As you can see, it’s a new modern conception with restaurants, cozy cafés and a grocery store, infusing life in the building. This community residential project aims at creating relevant connections between its urban dwellers.

More details about this project on the official website.

View-Of-Hudson-Yards,-Looking-South-From-The-No.-7-Subway-Station-Courtesy-Related-Oxford Art Shoppe Lofts Condos Courtyard 1 amenities-infinity-pool amenities-exterior

The Kip District 

This is the first of five future buildings, as the name of the project says, the Kip is going to be a small neighbourhood in itself. With a lot of green spaces and near the public transportation system, this new residential tower wants to feel big and small at the same time . According to the developer:

“Our team designed a beautiful central square that will be home to community events and programming for residents, such as Farmers’ Markets and outdoor concerts. This landscaped square will overlook ground floor boutiques, such as cafes and shops. Read a book on integrated furniture, take the dog for a walk or meet neighbours for a picnic!”

More details about this project on the official website.

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The Hunt Club Residences

Located in the Birch Cliff neighborhood and bordering the prestigious Fallingbrook community, this is the place for the bourgeoisie. This project is close to the trendy shop and cafes, the beaches, the boardwalk, and many parks, like the gorgeous Scarborough Bluffs. The breathtaking views on the well-heeled Toronto Hunt Club and the Ontario Lake is what gives The Hunt Club Residences a character of its own.

More details about this project on the official website.

new-building the-building2 Hunt-Club-rendering-2 Hunt-Club-rendering-1 Default-Banner fall-picture2

The Yonge at College 

This is a new face on Yonge Street, one the world’s longest streets. In the heart of downtown Toronto, this project is an ultimate luxury concept that brings a perfect marriage of architecture and interior design. This 66 storeys tower offers a lot of world class amenities, like a suspended pool with an unforgettable view on the city skyline, lounge and bar. The Skyloft Penthouse on the 64th & 65th floor is what this project is all about, with a 10 foot ceiling on both floors, it’s one the tallest 2 story common area suite in the city. 

More details about this project on the official website.

8-southview-66th-floor 9-northview-tower yc-condos-roof-amenity YC CONDOS Lounge64 Bar LoRes Feb6_14_0
7-aqua66-infinity-pool2 6-aqua66-infinity-pool

The Howard Park2

Know for its authentic Polish butchers, bakeries, restaurants, boutiques, indie coffee houses, pubs and late night burgers restaurants, the Roncesvalles Village is no longer a confidential destination in Toronto. The Howard Park project was created with this sense of community in mind. An exclusive collection of modern urban homes that stays in touch with the nature and the peaceful life of the old neighborhood. The building is also heated by geothermal energy! On the roof, lots of plants and green contribute to offset a part of the carbon footprint.

More details about this project on the official website.

urbantoronto-2656-34117 urbantoronto-3363-10219 HowardPark2Rendering5 HowardPark2Rendering4 HowardPark2Rendering6

Alexandre Lévesque
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