It was about time we put the TRIP back in TOWER TRIP! Since I listed this charming Bed & Breakfast in the Eastern Townships, I decided to go out there and test the hospitality for myself. I brought along pretty face Vincent Malo and a couple of plaid shirts for a weekend that would become a bromance to remember. For more info about the B&B for sale, visit here.


Standing on the large terrace, overlooking the private waterfalls streaming down on the 15 acres property.


Vincent and Jacques bed & breakfast Domaine des Chutes owner / operator.

During this weekend, we had the chance to meet a dozen of inspiring local business owners and producers around the Frelighsburg / Dunham villages. We realized how vibrant and young this new community of entrepreneurs is, as we simply walked in on their workshops and homes. We’re Canadians after all, nobody locks the door, remember?

*Cue for magic snow.

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1. Pet the super friendly Alpacas at Alpagas des Vignobles

This one in particular named Copain was bottle-fed and basically raised like a puppy. His unique friendly behavior got us all awwwwwww.




Alpaca Breeder Lyne was picking fresh eggs when we showed up.


2. Watch an intimate concert or art exhibit at Beat & Betteraves

Young owners Ludovic and Éloise managed to create an obligatory stop for hipster bands and performers who drive from Montreal to perform to an intimate crowd. During our visit was the exhibit of project 1001 fesses.

1 6.jpg


3. Try the original Fire Cider at Union Libre

The process they created results in an interesting twist to apple cider. You can taste all amazing products for under 10$.


4. Happy Hour at Brasserie Dunham

Awarded best microbrew in Québec in 2016.



5. Eat a Club-Sandwich at Les Deux Clochers

Best club in the province, according to the village gossips. Also the amazing lentil soup is a must after a long cross-country skiing day.



6. Go apple picking at at Au coeur de la Pomme

Seasonal picking only, of course. But the site is ideal for a picnic by the Rivière des Brochets.



7. Relax a whole day at Balnea Spa

A very shabby-chic experience in one of the best rated spas in the country.



8. Visit Les Jardins de la Grelinette (seasonal)

Bio-intensive farming pioneer and tv personality Jean-Marc Fortier hosts workshops or farm tours for the whole family.


9. Pet more alpacas at Wow Alpacas

The newly constructed showroom is impressive and the modern installations will give way to close encounters with the curious animals.

IMG_1742 IMG_1743


10. Tour the magnificent installations of Vignoble du Ruisseau

Their patent pending technology allows to keep the vines at a temperature above -10C during the whole winter. The overall modern amenities tour will fill your whole afternoon!



11. Taste the purest of honeys at Les 3 Acres

Many grades of the sweet nectar and other bi-products to test in their lab. Also cutting the middle man, you can leave with a big honey pot for 6$!


12. Visit the Moto repair shop of Jose Ortega

We were amazed to find rare models and parts in his workshop!



Thanks to the Domaine des Chutes owners and operators Jacques Lajeunesse and Johanne Ratté, pictured below in their painting / jewellery workshop, for the lovely stay and the cool ideas. Located on the Wine Route and connected by many cycling routes, there is more than 30 other activities to do in the region! For a complete list of addresses and things to do, consult this amazing page!

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